The Five Cryptocurrency You Should Invest in


Are you plotting in Investing in Cryptocurrency anytime soon? With thousands of cryptocurrencies out there, it is not easy to select the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. But you don’t have to worry anymore, we have put down a list of the best five of cryptocurrency which will yield good returns if you invest in them.

First, let’s ensure you are well informed of the key reasons you should invest your money in cryptocurrencies.

Why Must You Invest Your Money in Cryptocurrency?

Several individuals will opine that cryptocurrencies are the future of finance. Even though that future might be several years from now, it’s not a deranged statement to opine. Digital currencies provide numerous advantages in contrast to traditional fiat money, like transaction speed, lower fees, and transparency.

From the Investor’s perspective, there are vital factors to consider when selecting the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. These factors include:

  • Liquidity

The exchanges of cryptocurrencies are open 24 hours daily seven days a week, and you can buy and cash out your assets at your convenience.

  • Amount

The fractional investment decreases the base investment impediments so that practically everybody out there can buy cryptocurrencies.

  • Transparency

The blockchain documents every transaction, accessible to everybody across the world. This gives investors a fundamental level of transparency.

  • Diversification

The vast number of cryptocurrencies available allows you to expand your portfolio to reduce risks comfortably.

  • Fees

Digital currencies provide cheaper fees in contrast to traditional investment assets.

 The Best Five Cryptocurrency to Invest In

Since you understand the key advantages of investing your money in cryptocurrencies, carefully evaluate the five best digital currencies to invest in at your convenience. The list is formed from the perspective of these cryptocurrencies to show strong growth in the coming months.

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is currently the most popular cryptocurrency in the world; its popularity gives it an upper advantage against other digital currencies.

For as much as BTC continues to control the cryptocurrency market, it’s investors will consistently gain from high liquidity levels, even in periods of market incertitude. Bitcoin has displayed a volatile, still compatible growth over the years.

This is the best cryptocurrency to invest in because it will soon reach new historical peaks.

  1. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is also among the most popular and influential cryptocurrencies in the market. ETH is influential because the Ethereum Blockchain allows the development of thousands of projects on top of it.

ETH has a value of slightly above 200 USD, and it remains a very attainable investment for starters in the cryptocurrency space. The strength of Ethereum is intimately connected to its networks’ power. ETH tokens will become more powerful depending on the more decentralized ecosystems and applications relying on the ETH network. This digital currency is showing massive potential in the months to come, and it’s good for starters to invest in.

  1. Ripple (XRP)

This is simply the best and most affordable digital currency to invest in. Based on market capitalization, Ripple is the third cryptocurrency because of its promising nature in investments. Its well-built network and network are quickly opening new opportunities in the international fields of banking, commerce, and payment networks.

With its rapid acceptance, the list of companies adopting Ripple currencies will increase. Due to the higher adoption rate, the price of Ripple will improve remarkably.

  1. Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is another cryptocurrency you should consider when investing in digital currencies. When to payments, it is currently among the most affordable and fastest cryptocurrencies. Its forward technology profile has placed this digital currency on the third position based on market capitalization; the only currencies above Litecoin are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Litecoin gives a vast potential at much reasonable price levels. Currently, each Litecoin Unit trades for less than 100 USD, this gives investors a wider opportunity to jump in.

Like XPR, the price of Litecoin majorly depends on its market adoption, and so far, the coin seems to be on the right path. In collaboration with MeconCash, Litecoin was recently integrated into regular ATMs in South Korea.

  1. Neo (NEO)

Da Hongei developed NEO, and it stands merely for an Open Source, society determined platform that influences blockchain technology to improve the digital economy. Its Block genesis resulted in one hundred million NEO tokens. Half of the tokens are locked into a smart contract while investors acquired the other half of the tokens. A sum of fifteen million tokens is released each year to finance the Neo development team’s long-term goals. The current value of each Neo Token, which is 11 $, can be easily accommodated on any portfolio.

Other Cryptocurrencies to invest in include;

  • Zcash (ZEC)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • Ontology (ONT)



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